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The new electric, super-luxury, super-beautiful, (super-want) Mercedes


Hello beautiful…


As well as the new 1950s VW Mini Bus remake, the Mercedes- Maybach Vision 6 Cabriolet was also announced at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Élégance. It’s electric, it’s equipped with all the tech, and… it’s beautiful – all six meters of it.


The Power


0-62 mph in under 4 seconds and a top speed of 155mph.

With 750 BHP (electric motor of 550kw equivalent to) and the battery capacity being 80kWh allows for a generous 200-mile range. With that, you would think it would take hours to charge right? Try 5 minutes. That’s right. Rapid 350kW charging ability. 5 minutes of charging time is enough to go for 60 miles.


Vision 6 is not just a pretty face.





The car uses biometrics to check the health and mood of both passengers. There’s a new and improved voice command system too.

The interior, being the ‘360-degree open-air luxury lounge’ as named by Mercedes, is quilted white nappa leather with detailing inspired by Chesterfield furniture. Complete with heated seating of course, but also extra settings that offer “hot stone” massage or a cooling ventiliation. And with LED lights illuminating the cabin from every angle, it’s starting to sound more comfortable than my living room- or any room for that matter. This 20 foot slick and slender beauty is pure luxury.


Oh, and be sure to keep the refrigerated compartment stocked to make use of the included bespoke silver champagne flutes.




So, obviously we all want one but it doesn’t take many brains to conclude that you’ll need to be one of those people with a super yacht and your own helipad to afford something like this. That said, this is a concept car for now.


Even though there are no official plans to build Vision 6, this is a great indication as to where the company is positioning its pinnacle sub-brand.


Hang in there… this is the future. Soon the future will be full of these things, and similar to how we first thought of iPhones when they first came out, you won’t need to be a rockstar to be able to afford one either.


*waits… patiently. Well, mostly impatiently. But waiting nonetheless*


Key Specs


0-62mph ‘Under 4 seconds’

Top speed Limited to 155mph

EV range Over 500km (300 miles)

Electric motor 550kW (equivalent to 750bhp)

Battery capacity 80kWh

Rapid charge 350kW charging ability – 5 mins enough for 60-mile range


Want to see more futuristic vehicles announced? Check out the new and electric, high-technology, Volkswagen bus


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