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Talk to your loved ones from beyond the grave. Digitally.

What if, when you die, you could stay behind as a fully interactive digital you? Would you do it? Well, it’s time to have a good think about it, because 37,000 people have already signed up and it’s due to launch next year!




With a combination of everything you’ve ever posted, be it; your thoughts of the day, what you had for dinner, uploaded pictures, literally everything you have ever shared on social media, makes up your online footprint. With this information, the geniuses that are the tech companies in ‘start-up’ world will be able to create a digital representation of you. And so then, your digital interactive avatar is born.


So, when you die, your loved ones can continue to interact with you in A.I form.


Is this the age of digital immortality? This is the current plan. And, as I type this, there are many start-ups hard at work to make this a reality!


Set to launch next year with more than 37,000 people signed up for the service already.


“Depending on the facts it has collected, the avatar will be able to offer anything from basic biographical data to being an engaging conversational partner,” says Marius Ursache, Eternime‘s founder.


Think bigger, who was your great great great great grand-father?


Imagine if you could now talk to your great great great great great great grandfather? Ask him about the first thoughts he can remember, what his 21st birthday was like, what he really enjoys doing on a Wednesday afternoon and what happened to his first great love? The possibilities this idea brings to the table are remarkable. As soon as this gets going, the days of being remembered only in a series of recorded moments will be forgotten (well not completely forgotten, obviously, technology will do the ‘remembering’ for everyone instead).

So, who’s signing up? Seriously… you really can do that. Right now, right here


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