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Plugin that automatically finds voucher codes while you shop – It’s free of course!

As seen on Dragons Den, Pouch saves you time and money by automatically finding and displaying the best voucher codes as you shop online.


This actually came out last year, but we’re just re-sharing it, in case you missed it. In 2016  it used to only be available on Chrome (like the current American founded version ‘Honey‘ still is). However, it’s now available on Safari too. They’re in the process of making it available for Firefox and Edge as well.


Sorry to the Americans who dub this idea as extremely old news- and quite rightly. The US will likely know ‘Honey’, as mentioned above (US founded but now worldwide), but we feel Pouch is worth mentioning being the first from the UK, and it’s so good we felt we should shout about it a little more. We’re pretty sure there’s a few of you who will be thankful for this.


How does it work?


You just need to go to the Pouch website, install the plugin, and you’re set. Next time you’re doing some online shopping, the pouch window will pop up in the corner of your screen to notify you of all the relevant voucher codes you could us while at checkout. A quick copy and paste and you’re all sorted.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 18.32.39.png

If it’s free for me, how do they make their money?


On selected purchases, after you’ve completed using a voucher code, Pouch are paid a small commission from the retailer. The user, however, never pays any part of this fee.


Unfortunately it only works on desktop, so we’re hoping they go one further at some point for the majority of us who pretty much live on our smart devices.

But for now, this baby is worth opening your laptop for.


Nice one, people of Pouch!



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