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Technologic is back. No Memes. No click-bait. Just cool stuff. I promise.

Yes, I have returned!

I am sorry to have been so quiet with just the odd ‘re-sharing’ – but I’m about to make it up to you. Honest.

I’ve decided to give you a website full of all the interesting and innovative projects going on in the world (the ones I find and write up for you anyway). Expect high-technology news, DIY ideas, design insights and overall… just cool stuff!

No memes. No click bait. No cheap ‘daily mail’ worth news. Yeah… I’m sick of seeing that everywhere too.

And if there’s something you want to share, don’t be shy! Send me your findings and if I feel it’s worthy enough, I promise to research and write up an article on the topic, accompanied by public shout out and thanks to you too!

So here we go… Stay tuned. As you read this I’m loading up lots of juicy articles behind the scenes!

Much love.





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